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Nuclear Energy and the Future of Warfare
Ms Zoya Akther Fathima, Research Asociate, CAPS
04 June 2020:
It would not be an overstatement to say that nuclear energy could potentially revolutionize military logistics in the coming decades.  As it already appears, military investment in energy technologies and innovations is likely to grow considering the efficacy and versatility of nuclear energy....Read more

Primed for competition: US-China relations in post-COVID World Order 
Ms Rushali Saha, Research Intern, CAPS
11 May 2020:
 Following the outbreak of the pandemic, several indicators have pointed towards deterioration in relations as both the United States and China were locked in a mutual blame game over the origin of the virus, expulsion of each other’s prominent media organisation and competition to exert influence on global governance institutions are faltering in the face of this mammoth challenge....Read more

China’s consolidation as a Regional Leader 
Dr. Joshy M Paul, Research Fellow, CAPS
03 May 2020:
 China has worked hard in Southeast Asia to limit what it calls ‘excessive measures’ in response to the pandemic such as travel ban on China-bound travelers and promoted a positive narrative of its 'resolute' and 'highly responsible' efforts to fight the virus....Read more

Wg Cdr BS Nijjar, Research Fellow, CAPS
02 May 2020:
 The importance of “Chinese Medicine” in the ongoing efforts to combat the Covid-19 pandemic in India is highlighted by the fact that over 93 percent (700 tons) of this effort was airlifted from People’s Republic of China (PRC) cities of Shanghai, Hong Kong & Guangzhou....Read more

Understanding the interests of Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State in India 
Mr Saurav Sarkar, Research Associate, CAPS
30 April 2020:
 Recently, Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS) have increased their focus on India and the wider Indian Subcontinent as a whole, on account of different underlying factors....Read more

Ms Ishka Yadav, Research Associate, CAPS
30 April 2020:
 The outbreak of the coronavirus in Wuhan in December 2019 drew attention to the weaknesses of China as the paramount global producer....Read more

COVID-19 and India’s Response at the Global level
Ms. Sushmita Bharti, Research Associate, CAPS
29 April 2020:
 While it is difficult to ascertain which country has emerged as a global leader during COVID-19, India has certainly earned adulation from other countries and international organisations like the WHO and the IMF for its efficient and timely management and active efforts at the regional and global levels to combat the pandemic....Read more

The COVID 19 Pandemic and its Global Economic Implications
Ms Urmi Tat, Research Associate, CAPS
25 April 2020:
 The recent manoeuvres by the Indian government to caution markets from opportunistic Chinese investors, is one among the many measures taken by governments worldwide, to take control of the post pandemic economic outlook....Read more

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